About Mallard Homes

Mallard is a sustainable homes developer, using innovative design, modern methods of construction, and sustainable home energy and heating systems to deliver affordable homes in Yorkshire and the north of England.

As a small house building company, Mallard puts its customers at the heart of each of our developments, creating desirable, affordable homes with ultra-low running costs.

Every Mallard development is designed and built with three clear principles:

  • To provide well-designed, affordable and sustainable family homes where people want to live.
  • To listen to and respect local people in the design of our housing developments and provide them with vibrant communities that reflect local aspirations.
  • To protect the planet and the environment by using the latest methods to reduce carbon emissions and waste at every stage of construction, and technology to help our customers save money on their energy bills.

We can assist, investors, landowners and other house builders to achieve the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE from sustainable development – PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT.

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Fishburn, Co. Durham

A stunning, collection of 13, 4 bedroom homes in the heart of this popular village. The homes are being designed with the environment and your pocket in mind with low carbon output and low to zero energy bills.

No future retrofits needed to comply with incoming regulations.

Innovative and smart heating systems.  No fossil fuels.