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The Mallard Way

Mallard Homes was founded to create sustainable communities by providing people with access to affordable, environmentally friendly and beautiful homes.

The Mallard Way ethos guides all of our developments and every project we work on informs our approach to how this vision can be delivered.  Our senior team has many years’ experience working on our own and others’ developments, and as consultants offer this knowledge to all those seeking to deliver sustainable residential housing developments, from investors to architects and designers, other house builders, modular homes manufacturers, and landowners.

For investors

Mallard’s senior team has a wide range of experience developing homes and sites in England, from concept through to planning, construction and sale.

For institutional and private investors exploring the options for them to find ways to generate profits from sustainable residential development, especially where funders have to conform to ESG targets, Mallard’s senior team can provide the hands-on knowledge only gained through actually building homes in the UK.

We are always happy to discuss ways of assisting investors; from inviting investments into our forthcoming projects, to being your delivery partner for a program of investment, or acting as consultants brought in to work on problem-solving certain aspects of an individual project.  We can also offer assistance in gaining R&D tax relief on schemes through the use of innovative design solutions.

Case study

Mallard was approached by a small investment company based in The Netherlands which viewed the UK as having more potential to deliver value to its investors than its own domestic market.

Mallard was appointed as Development Manager for their scheme with planning consent for 13 new homes.  The site had lain dormant since 2008 and Mallard negotiated with the local planning officer to agree a strategy to take the consent forward and allow it to be implemented.

Given the amount of time since the planning consent was given and the fact that the site was in a nutrient neutrality zone, much of our work focused on finding solutions that would be approved by the local authority.  This included redesigning the scheme and finding innovative energy systems to enhance the scheme’s sustainability credentials and achieve ‘A’ rated EPCs.

For Landowners

All developments start with land.  At Mallard, we work with private and public landowners as partners, helping them maximise their returns whilst building residential developments to the highest levels of design, construction and sustainability.

Our approach is to understand the needs of our landowners and their own community, putting the creation of a place that reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community at the heart of of each of our developments.  Each development is designed to meet – and, in most cases, exceed any environmental, biodiversity and other regulations placed upon the available land.

As an SME developer ourselves, we understand the many challenges that arise during a residential housing project.  For landowners, we have helped deliver projects in the most challenging of environments, gaining the trust of local residents and creating communities where people want to live.

For contractors and developers

As the regulations around house building become increasingly strict and focused on reducing emissions and waste in the construction process, Mallard helps developers and contractors navigate both the national and regulatory landscape.  As consultants, Mallard is brought in to solve specific issues on a project, to guiding a development program from concept to completion.

From designing our own Passivhaus schemes and working with modular homes manufacturers, Mallard has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help even the trickiest schemes overcome site and planning challenges to achieve the highest levels of sustainability and compliance.

From materials to fabrication, specification to home energy systems, Mallard can monitor and assess the carbon impact of the whole life cycle of a residential scheme.  We can then provide innovative approaches in areas like operational and embodied carbon, waste reduction, environmental mitigations and materials to reduce schemes’ carbon footprint for even the most stringent of local regulations.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Founder and Owner of Mallard Homes.


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